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06/3 2010

Los Pikadientes Ride the Wave

Los Pikadientes, cell phone entrepreneurs.Screw the iPhone. That’s one possible take-away message from Sonoran-based Los Pikadientes and at least Sony was listening. With a kitchen table for a studio and a healthy supply of beer, Los Pikadientes began as a grass-roots project between friends. Their initial song, “La Cumbia del Río,” quickly went viral. Passed via cell phone, SD card and Bluetooth from their hill-town of Caborca in Sonora, Mexico , “La Cumbria” spread up the coast and in to the United States.

Generally speaking, most Mexican-immigrant laborers don’t have access to the iPhone ecosystem or to high-speed internet that typically fosters digital music consumption. Nevertheless, Los Pikadientes’ catchy tune about drinking and grooving by “the river” spread like wildfire. Sony, no doubt taking note of huge ringtone downloads and numerous dancing tribute videos on YouTube, recently signed them to a worldwide deal.

Their follow-up album, “Vámonos Pa’l Río,” was nominated for a 2008 Grammy and is still on the Latin charts.

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